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Of course its not 1MDB's money, they just stole it off Malaysians!

1MDB responds to Swiss Parliamentary motion to repatriate stolen RM400 million of stolen money to Malaysia, by denying that the money belongs to 1MDB.

1MDB is right, The money does not belong to them, but to the Malaysian people. It is money that has been stolen by the band of bandits that goes by name of 1MDB, from the people of Malaysia- by exploiting and abusing Swiss banks along their corrupt way.

The Swiss Parliamentary motion tabled- translated from German and French to ensure accuracy- reads as follows in English in it's "argumentation" section:

"As can be seen from the annual report of FINMA, this is not an isolated case. Several Swiss financial institutions are involved in major international corruption cases such as the Malaysian sovereign wealth fund 1MDB or Petrobras. The Petrobras / Odebrecht complex processes are also marked in the activity report of the Federal Prosecutor. "

It clearly calls 1MDB 'corrupt', in connection with the illicit profits that are confiscated.

Surely, the Swiss Parliament would not allow a motion that carries even an iota of untruth, or inaccurate information to be published on it's website, much less be tabled and debated in the august National Council Chamber- the larger house of the Swiss Parliament?

Or, is this simply 1MDB's continuation of their game of Charades, in using fake news to discredit real news, and calling all real news that calls out its criminal behaviour fake news?

I am sure the Swiss law courts will be more than willing to accept 1MDB's summonses to sue the Swiss Parliament for defamation if it is neither corrupt, nor involved in with corruption linked to the confiscated money.

Alas, the Malaysian Barisan Nasional government- 1MDB's owner dare not even allow it to be discussed in the Malaysian Parliament. It is unlikely that they will dare to take anyone to any court, as they are the one's who have everything to hide.

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