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MCA the sacrificial lamb for BN to stay in power.

In the coming general election, touted as the do or die battle for all, MCA top leadership sees that they are set to die a horrible death. In the face of their existential crisis within BN following Nazri's revelation, there's more at play than what meets the eye.

MCA's leaders have accepted their party's doomed fate and have opted to put the MCA name and its thousands of members' pride and dignity on the line in the coming polls. The deal is likely to be one where MCA is thrown under the bus for selected MCA elites to stay in lucrative positions under the next BN administration.

All this is crystal clear in the way the election commission's redelineation seeks to racially polarise the electorate- turning more mixed seats into ones of overwhelmingly single race majority. I quote the The Commonwealth Journal of International Affairs' piece by Wong Chin Huat on Constituency Delimitation and Electoral Authoritarianism in Malaysia.

_"there is a concerted effort by the Election Commission to carve out constituencies with mixed ethnic composition to form more Malay dominant constituencies. As many as 16 mixed constituencies (ranging from 50-60% Malay voters to 50-60% Chinese voters) have now been proposed to be converted into 13 Malay dominant seats (more than 60% Malay voters) and 3 Chinese dominant seats (more than 60% Chinese voters). "_

Some are still wondering how and why MCA and UMNO could be this incompetent into allowing the current spat to spiral to this. To allow this level of internal spat to spill over to the public sphere this close to elections is unheard of. I am of the view that this is tactical and planned.

DAP Parliamentary leader opined that past MCA Presidents would be "turning in their grave or holding their heads in shame " at MCA's current fate. I couldn't agree more. Only, who would have thought a party with 6 decades of power by incumbency would degenerate to this?

It is despicable that MCA chooses to prematurely die before even trying in this do or die battle. What more when it is for the survival of the leaders at the expense of their entire party.

They could have rewritten history of the country and their own party by disassociating with BN, the current administration and rebuild themselves in opposition under a Pakatan Harapan government as an independent bloc. But clearly, MCA have chosen to be history rather than write it.

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