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MCA Youth Chief blind to his Party’s grave existential crisis of irrelevance?

The battle of words among Barisan Nasional (BN) high level leaders – in the aftermath of Raja Petra’s allegations about Robert Kuok’s funding for DAP – has dragged the growing fractures that exist within Malaysia’s ruling administration out into the open. Nazri, a senior federal minister from UMNO, and a three term MP from Padang Rengas, Perak, has openly stated that MCA is not the voice of the Chinese community.

If UMNO sees MCA as not representing the Chinese community, -at least in accordance to the BN model of racial representation- the Chinese community is voiceless in BN. With this, MCA and in particular Chong Sin Woon needs to seriously address the elephant in the room –the question of MCA’s reason to continue existing. Chong needs to wake up and realise that Nazri is telling him the painful truth. Is Chong blind to MCA’s grave existential crisis of irrelevance?

MCA in response, gave us a farce in two acts. First it was an insincere and toothless retort by Chong Sin Woon that only courted further tirade from Nazri. Just as the dust of the comedy of errors that is this BN family feud starts to settle, another full cabinet Minister- Liow Tiong Lai, backed by several other MCA leaders join the fray. They throw an even more ridiculous assertion that Nazri is colluding with DAP Secretary General to undermine MCA.

Barisan Nasional who prides themselves on their unity and the obedience of coalition members to UMNO is caught momentarily with their pants down. Nazri’s tirade goes to show that within the racially organised Barisan Nasional power structure, MCA’s leaders being appointed Cabinet Ministers are mere window dressing to cheat the Chinese community into believing – falsely – their views are being represented.

For a long time, it has been an open secret that MCA has commanded no influence or respect in Barisan Nasional and the government, particularly in the recent decade. Nazri’s rhetoric, while brutal and vulgar, is at least in part legitimate. MCA has been there in body but not in spirit, they have been walking the corridors of power for their own interest, against the interests of the very community they claim to serve.

I and my colleagues in Pemuda Harapan and DAPSY strongly condemn Nazri’s attacks on Kuok- a Malaysian citizen who has brought pride and distinction to Malaysia. Pakatan Harapan is proud of all Malaysians who succeed, particularly those who have done so in an ethical manner.

Malaysia today is very different from the Malaysia of 1958. Our government no longer needs to forge lopsided partnerships with tycoons, and rely on private financial muscle with vested interests to develop the nation. Those days are over.

The Harapan federal government, will ensure that the playing field is levelled for businesses at all scales and sizes to thrive, and participate in building a people centric economy; all with full respect of the rule of law. We in DAPSY and Harapan are committed to ending UMNO/BN’s past and present ways of coercing businesses – and even holding them to ransom- into paying political donations. We make it a top priority to enact institutional reforms to eradicate crony capitalism.

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